MUGSI Timetable Generator

[ 16:20 ] Thursday, September 15, 2005


The McMaster MUGSI course timetable is garbage.

This Greasemonkey script attempts to fix this garbage property by generating a decent looking timetable with lectures, labs and tutorials in the proper locations.



  1. You'll need Firefox, preferably the latest version
  2. Install the latest version of the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox
  3. Right click on this link and select Install User Script...


This script does not currently support evening classes, classes which last more than an hour, or tutorials that last more than an hour. I do plan on adding in this functionality in the future.

The script makes no xmlhttprequests, nor does it request permission to access the local disk. Hopefully this should convince you that I'm not trying to screw you over. If that's not enough, you can wade through the source yourself to verify. I take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong while using this, though I can't really see any problems at the moment.


Diego Benavides
Script author, fourth year computer engineering student, and way better than you at Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha.

Additional Contributions

Dive Into Greasemonkey
Invaluable Greasemonkey reference.

Version History (0.2)

Change: Spruced up the styles a little bit.
Update: Script should play nicely with courses not yet sectioned.
Added: Labs should now show up correctly.
Ramble: Currently lacks support for labs and evening classes. Term 3 classes don't show up either, actually....
Ramble: Whoever generated the standard timetable can't even form proper HTML. Opening tags without closing them? No doctype? What is this, 1995? Needless to say this kind of sloppy work makes parsing DOM objects a bitch.