Message Popup

[ 21:52 ] Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This Greasemonkey script enables a small popup containing the post content of preview lines when browsing Shacknews comments.


To see a preview of what the message popup looks like, click here.


  1. You'll need Firefox, preferably the latest version(s)
  2. Install the latest version of Greasemonkey for Firefox
  3. Click on this link and select Install


Be sure to play around with the script options to customize it to your liking! Tools > Greasemonkey > User Script Commands...

The new Shacknews design has made my previous efforts nearly useless, but my love for this feature has brought me back for more coding. I've had to rework a lot of the old script and so you'll notice many 'features' have been trashed. To be honest some don't even make sense porting to the new design (popup on reply number, for example). I do have a nice sized to-do list for improving the script for user customization, which should provide some fun (*gun*).


Diego Benavides [ ieGod ]
Script author.

Additional Contributions

Dive Into Greasemonkey
Invaluable reference when working with Greasemonkey.

Lots of feedback and discussions.

Version History (0.9.5)

Added: Post preview with Shacktag support.
Changed: Popup width adjusts to fit within screen window.
Changed: Changed handling of event listeners. Speed should be improved.
Changed: New Shacknews design destroyed the script. Fixed.
Added: Individual thread browsing functionality.
Added: Built in reply.
Changed: GM 0.6.4 broke my script... fixed now.
Added: GM 0.6.x support.
Added: Tracking mode allows the popup to follow the mouse.
Added: Long awaited reply button. I should have done this sooner.
Changed: First time load will cause the page to refresh.
Added: Automatically sets popup cookie
Changed: Updated functions to work with Greasemonkey 0.5.3
Added: Runtime benchmarking (Firefox only)
Added: Popup over reply # may be toggled on/off
Changed: Author line now displays shackmessage and mercury icons
Changed: Since IE sucks, I had to modify the author/post stripping
Changed: dSupport: data no longer fetched using xmlhttprequest
Changed: Popup element inserted once, display enabled/disabled
Added: IE6 compatibility (using Turnabout)
Changed: Tweaked position correction handling
Changed: Improved addGlobalStyle, now IE6 compatible
Changed: Data fetched using xmlhttprequest, not GM_xmlhttprequest
Added: Extended display for posts exceeding display area
Added: Position correction near screen bottom
Changed: Large posts produce display warning by default
Changed: Popup position no longer dependent on addGlobalStyle()
Added: Toggle persistence option
Added: Close popup link
Changed: Links display as compact version
Changed: Popup style handling updated
Code and release